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Certification provides an opportunity for NMGIA members who engage in the process to increase their knowledge, skill set and experience and to be recognized by their peers and employers. Certification may assist investigators in achieving the required investigative competencies suitable for fact or expert testimony. It also provides employers with an enhanced means by which to measure the investigative competencies and experience of their investigators. The NMGIA Professional Certification Program is based on the findings of the National Gang Threat Assessments as set forth by the National Gang Intelligence Center and National Gang Center. These documents outline gang trends, crime and intelligence information on a national scale. The NMGIA has conducted extensive research on NM gang trends and the national and international nexus to NM gangs.


Any individual who is an NMGIA Regular Member in good standing may enter the Professional Certification Program. Once a certification has been awarded, the recipient is required to remain a NMGIA member in good standing to maintain their status active.

Certification fee - $100.00

Applicants shall:

  • be a Regular member in good standing for at least one (1) year (from date of application) who adheres to the NMGIA bylaws;
  • provide a certificate of completion for the qualifying courses OR current status as a Gang Specialist Certification holder;
  • possess full-time employment in a criminal justice agency or the military;
  • currently assigned to a job function that involves the application of gang investigations;
  • provide a copy of their official position description;
  • submit the online application and related fee; and,
  • Schedule to take the exam at the next available exam day.

The examination may be taken up to three (3) times; however the $100.00 (USD) fee must be paid each time an examination is scheduled. The Gang Specialist Certification will be awarded after successfully completing the applications process and passing the examination with a minimum composite score of 70%.


Our certification process consists of four (4) phases;

  • Complete the qualifying courses within one (1) year OR provide a curriculum overview of a gang specialist certification you currently hold.
  • Provide verifiable proof of gang investigative work you have done (e.g. photos, memos, interviews, documentation, etc.)
  • A two (2) hour examination period held at the NMGIA headquarters and proctored by the Executive Board.
  • Complete the course evaluation to receive certification.


In order to maintain your certification from year to year, contact the Training Committee sixty (60) days prior to your certification expiration date. We will provide you with any refresher materials and courses to prepare you for testing. Submit your application and schedule your examination.

Recertification fee - $50.00

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